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sendKeys(CharSequence...) - Method in class com.jauntium.Element
setAttribute(String, String) - Method in class com.jauntium.Element
Sets the attribute of the specified name to the specified value.
setFieldValue(String, String) - Method in class com.jauntium.Form
Locates the textfield, password field, or textarea field that has the specified text label and fills the field with the specified text value.
size() - Method in class com.jauntium.Elements
Returns the number of child Elements.
submit() - Method in class com.jauntium.Element
submit(String) - Method in class com.jauntium.Form
Submits the the form by clicking the first submit button who's value (ie, text label) matches the specified (case-insensitive) buttonText and throws a NotFound Exception if it does not exist.
submit() - Method in class com.jauntium.Form
Submits the the form without clicking on any particular submit button.
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